Cara menggunakan game pad pada dragon Age Inquistion

Cara menggunakan game pad pada dragon Age Inquistion - Tampaknya kurang seru jika para gamers dragon age bermain menggunakan dengan keyboard terutama keyboard kabel otomatis dekat layar dan bisa merusak mata, jika menggunakan gamepad tentunya kabelnya lebih panjang heheh apalagi yang wireless , oleh karena itu saya disini ingin membagikan tutorial cara menggunakan game pad pada dragon Age Inquistion yang dapat dari website luar negri.

Pertama Download file game pad pada dragon Age Inquistion :

Dragon Age Inquistion

Files are located at : click here

The "x360ce" being "".
The "64 bit libraries" being ""

1. Delete any trace of x360ce and all it's DLLS and files in DA:I folder (basically if you've been playing with it already).

2. Take x360ce to an empty folder, run it (this will create an .ini and xinput1_3.dll). Configure your gamepad now. Save. Exit. Now move x360ce.exe and x360ce.ini to DA:I folder. DO NOT OPEN x360ce.exe inside DA:I folder anymore!

3. Download the 64 bit libraries and copy x360ce.gdb, dinput8.dll, xinput1_3.dll to DA:I folder.

4. Open x360ce.gdb with notepad and add these lines:

Name = Dragon Age: Inquisition
HookMask= 0x00000002

Save. Exit.

5. Change "xinput1_3.dll" inside DA:I folder name to "xinput9_1_0.dll"

6. This last part may be unnecessary, but I did it, and it didn't hurt. Open up x360ce.ini and add these lines (if [InputHook] and the HookMode lines are already there, just add the third HookCOM line to it):

HookMode = 1
HookCOM = 1
7. Done.
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