Cara mengatasi erorr bad name index "Fix Guide for Batman Arkham City"

Minimise game issues the maximum amount as attainable with this guide.

Things to try to to 1st

Try to not use a joypad mortal with the sport like x360ce... it hates them and it causes independent agency lags and probably crashes too. attempt different ones for one that doesn't cause issues or use a correct Xbox 360 controller for computer.

You should solely have one time period scanner (anti-virus) on your computer, and it ought to be disabled throughout installation then exclude the sport folder from your scanner before turning it back on and... flip it off once taking part in the sport. additionally do that once putting in different cracks.

Block game in your firewall, run game as administrator.

1. Use Redists section to install ALL Redist files and also get Nvidia Physx installed.

3. Download this fix and drop it into Batman Arkham City - \GOTY Edition\BmGame\CookedPCConsole

4. Download these files and drop all of them into C:\Windows\System - if it stops your joypad working, remove xinput dlls!TFog0BRR!T0NoFx2Mv9DJPucHRJJNhIsFpB63o6h8Bn7_tqCJ0UM

5. Try and use Skidrow Crack V1.0 (Batman: Arkham City - GOTY Edition v1.0 [MULTI8] Fixed Files #1)

File specific game errors

If you get a slip-up message like this wherever a file is mentioned...
You can transfer it with one among these links or request it's uploaded for you
Museum_C1_px.upk - Museum_A1_px.upk

Solution about getting stuck on "Joker non skippable cutscene" :

1- Go to "BmGame\MoviesStereo" in installation folder.
2- Move this files to a safe folder:
3- Start the game, play and skip that cutscene.
4- After game autosaves, quit the game and replace the moved folders to their original position.
Have fun!
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