Cara mengatasi Crash to Desktop/ Freeze dan menampilkan FPS pada Dragon Age Insquistion

Cara mengatasi Crash to Desktop/ Freeze dan menampilkan FPS pada Dragon Age Insquition
Mengatasi Crash to Desktop

Cara menampilkan FPS  pada Dragon Age Insquition

Anda tekan tombol ` (diatas tab, di samping 1) buat buka console
Lalu di console anda ketik : (tidak pake kutip)

"perfoverlay.drawfps 1"

Buat matiin, 1-nya di ganti 0

Cara Mengatasi Crash to Desktop ( Solution Fix )  pada Dragon Age Insquition

I believed that I love set this job since I tally played the fearless for 2 days without any clash.

I change reliable to umteen slipway to solves this problem at the introductory guess, it took me a bit of measure to completely rigid it. I fuck proved every suggestions specified as: update driver to the lasted variation, update directx, set visual C++, under protection video greeting, move the graphic... at several points I mentation I feature fast it but I can exclusive roleplay the brave for 30 min - 1 distance then the strategy disintegrate again during the gameplay or the cutscenes. Eventually, thanks to "The Creator" I soul successfully fast this directx error.

Here is how I feature through. (any of the steps may not be needed, but I allay recommand you to do all of them, it never painfulness to try and it can be done real speedily).
1) I went to C:\Users\Your-Username\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age Inquisition\Save and delete ProfileOptions_profile. (Don't worry, you will not loose any of your saves, This will set your game graphic low any reset any of your game setting to default such as :keyboard control, subtitles in game... you can switch these option back on later).

2) I went to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Dragon Age Inquisition\__Installer\directx\redist or to the location that you have installed the game, then open DXSETUP and install directx (If you press install and it say that your computer has already install it or anything similar to that, then you should be fine).

3) I download and installed Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 ,Then reset your computer. (If you have already installed, uninstall it then reinstall again, Note that uninstall any Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 versions then only install 1 that fit your computer x64 or x84.)

4) I disable Origin in Game, you can find this under Origin / Application setting / Origin In Game (this may not be necessary, but it will help to reduce the game lag).

5) lauch your game then go to game option / display then switch to Windowed Fullscreen, also go to graphic to double check and make sure that Abient Occlusion has turn off. Then quit the game (because your setting will applied the next time your start the game).

Notes 1: whatever of the feeling I score not reassert that whether you can endeavor your on any mellow written surroundings, I port't try this since I'm not authority that my machine is that forceful to open it anyway, I playacting at low mounting, the gamey run very slick no lag or hurtle, the illustration is real moral as symptomless. If you machine are fresh, spiel the gritty for 2-3 hours or modify mortal maybe, see whether the problem has unmoving for your. Then try to go on what e'er graphical as you similar, I'm trustworthy the spirited module aspect regularize surpass. But refer to drama on Windowed Fullscreen and rotation off the Abient Clot in lifelike stage.

Notes 2: as I honor that my computer is old, it is not tough sufficiency to give lycee pictorial game, so if I can fix this job, you can as healed!

Catatan dari admin :

Intinya Instal Vcredist 2012 Linya yg diatas (  Jika tidak Tau bahasa Inggris heheh )
Jika masih crash setelah beberapa langkah diatas dilakukan dan di coba. cobalah terlebih dahulu uninstall clean/all driver amd/nvidia, lalu install driver versi lama saja, siapa tau bisa jadi alternatif, dan langkah terakhir coba repair game (khusus untuk original).

Sekarang pelanggan ane tidak mengalami nya lagi  sama sekali, sudah tidak ada crash/freeze lagi, main 4-5 jam tanpa crash pun lancar jaya. semenjak di instal patch 2 ini dia bisa menaikan beberapa setting ke medium/high, yang semulanya low semua
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